Friday, 4 May 2018

Estrogen Deficiency – A Major Cause Of Uterus Prolapse

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone that plays a vital role in the proper regulation of the reproductive system of a woman. But with the age, the level of estrogen gets reduced in our body, which weakens the muscles, ligaments or tissues of the pelvic floor that support the uterus at its place. In an order to prevent the Uterus Prolapse, it is important to maintain the level of estrogen in a woman's body. It is responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of the pelvic muscles, thus, it is good to keep it checked to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Uterus Prolapse

Estrogen deficiency proved to be very dangerous for women, as it is responsible to maintain the good health of the sex organ and pelvic muscles. There are a number of foods and fruits that one can indulge in their regular diet routine to maintain the estrogen level in the body. One should also start exercising as per the guidance given by the doctors to reverse the condition. If you ever experience any of the signs in your body that are not normal like untreatable back pain, feeling of sitting on a ball all day long, pain in the abdominal area, etc., you should go and examine yourself without taking so long.

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